Are you looking to sculpt a strong lean physique, lose the last of the "baby fat", or just get in better shape for an upcoming event? Look no further!
  •  Sculpt your dream physique
  • ​Increase lean muscle mass
  • Lose body fat and increase metabolism
  • ​​Enjoy positive lifestyle changes
  • ​Realistic personalized programs
Do you have a special event, vacation, or photo shoot for which you want to look smokin' hot?  Or, have you always dreamed of having a sculpted lean physique, but never achieved that dream? No matter what your goals or dreams are, VeganBossLady is ready to help you.

Making a change to your physique & lifestyle can seem overwhelming and even intimidating.  VeganBossLady has years of experience working with clients, and will walk you through the process of learning how to adapt to a new lifestyle which will help you reach and maintain your sculpted physique goals.

Your transformation will include both physical and nutritional aspects. You will learn how to sculpt your muscles and lean out your physique in the most effective way possible.  Plus you will learn how to eat to get the results that you are craving!

So, if you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and eat cleaner, look no further. Make your goal a reality with VeganBossLady's knowledge and support.
Enrollment Open For 
January 6th, 2019 Group!
Hurry! Enrollment 
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  • Fully Customized Program (Training, Diet, Supplement Guide)
  • ​Scheduled Check-Ins With An Expert Coach
  • ​Full eMail Access To Coach
  • Awesome Support Group
  • ​Private Consultations
  • ​Regular Progress Review
  • ​One-on-One Attention From VeganBossLady



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Enrollment Open For 
January 6th, 2019 Group!
Hurry! Enrollment 
Closes In:
Enrollment Open For 
January 6th, 2019 Group!
Hurry! Enrollment 
Closes In:
If you start the Physique Challenge and you feel like it didn't help you or you didn't get the results you want, we will give you your $97 back!  I know it seems silly (because it is) but we think its only fair that you get your money back, even if it's only the tiny investment of $97.
Either you get results or you get your money back!
(30-Day Guarantee from Purchase Date)
  • What is the SHRED Challenge? ​​

    The 1 Week SHRED Challenge is a bridge to the 12 Week Physique Sculpting Challenge. The 1 Week SHRED Challenge will walk you through getting started with flexible dieting, tracking your macros for fat loss and more to help you build the foundation you need.
  • What time is the LIVE Q&A's?
  • The LIVE Q&A’s with Jocelyn will generally be around 12 pm EST/ 11 CT/ 10 MST/ 9 PT once a week on Wednesdays. Participating in the LIVE Q&A’s gives you the best experience to ask your questions real time, but if you can’t make it to the session, NO WORRIES. Once the LIVE session is done, it will be posted in the group so you can access it at a later time.
  • What if I get behind or am on vacation during the SHRED Challenge?
  • We know that following the SHRED Challenge Meal Plan and Roadmap will get you the results you want. But NO WORRIES! You can complete the Challenge at your own pace! 
  • Can we invite non-VBL’s to join the SHRED Challenge?
  • Absolutely! The SHRED Challenge is open for anyone needing a kickstart, reboot, or a change of pace in their routine. Invite your sisters, cousins, aunts, or coworkers!! Think of at least 5 women you know that want a happier, healthier life and send them this quick text:
  •  “Hey _____! So I just signed up for the 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge and I’m challenging you to do it with me :) Here’s the info:”
  • What happens after the 7 days? 
  • The Mission of the 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge is to help you establish the foundation needed to successfully release excess body fat. After you complete the 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge you will be ready to crush your goals and join your Team Members in the VBL Community <3
  • Does the LIVE Challenge come with access to the trainer? 
  • Nope! The 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge is a completely separate program from the Vegan Lifestyle!
  •  The Vegan Lifestyle is access to the Vegan Lifestyle Trainer with weekly updated exercises, grocery lists, meal plans, etc.
  •  The 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge is a bridge to the 12 Week Physique Sculpting Challenge.
  •  The 1 Week SHRED Challenge will walk you through getting started with flexible dieting, tracking your macros for fat loss and more to help you build the foundation you need. NO WORRIES, you will receive everything you need in your Challenge.
  •  The 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge is perfect for ALL Vegan Ladies who are serious about getting ripped, whether you’re a long time member or you just got started. <3 This Challenge is a unique opportunity to jumpstart your journey, kickoff your confidence, and reignite your motivation to make this happen.
  • Do I need to purchase any supplements for the SHRED Challenge? 
  • A multivitamin is recommended to be taken each day and you will need a vegan protein powder and low calorie/low carb sweetner like Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners.
  • Do I need a gym or any equipment for the 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge?
  • No, you do not need any equipment or a gym membership to complete your 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge. Workouts do not come with the $1 offer.
  • If you decide you want the workouts and purchase the workout upgrade, those workouts are designed to be done in the gym, although I’ve deliberately kept the exercises super simple.   In order to work out at home, you’d need a wide variety of equipment such as barbells, squat rack, dumbbells and possibly cables.  However, if you have these, a simple Google search for “at home variation for “insert name of exercise” will work fine. As long as you’re working the same muscle group, you can make substitutions. Remember, you can always bring questions and thoughts, once the program is purchased, into the private Facebook group! 
  • What is the difference between the LIVE Challenge and Personal Results Coaching? 
  • The 1 WEEK SHRED Challenge is for the woman who is SERIOUS about shredding the fat off her body! Think of it this way.... it is a HYPER FOCUS on creating an incredibly strong foundation by starting with the basics of eating for results, not for pleasure.
  •  So, if you are struggling to get started, have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on, or if you are already a Vegan Lady and just struggle to get the results you’re looking for, this is for you!  
  •  You will see Jocelyn (VeganBossLady - Jocelyn) go LIVE once a week to answer your questions, but unlike Personal Results Coaching, you won’t be creating the meaningful one-on-one relationship with your coach and she won’t be holding you accountable for your Actions, but you will be doing that with the help of the Challenge Roadmap.  
  •  It’s kinda like having a little taste of what it is like to have a coach in your life! If you want to get the top tier of support and have your very own Personal Results Coach to work with you 1 on 1 every day you can apply for the Personal Results Coaching Program here:
  • What is a SHRED Champion?
  • At the end of each month each challenge participant will have the opportunity to “Enter To Win” the exclusive, highly coveted title of SHRED Champion! Candidates submit their story (including details, pictures with date stamp, videos, etc) AND their Shred Challenge Transformation and/or breakthrough in the VeganBoss Sisterhood Facebook group. 
  •  The members of Challenge Team will vote for their favorite entry and the candidate with the most votes wins the grand prize of the elite champ status and the Vegan Boss Lady 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge for free ($37). ;)
  •  To become the Shred Champion, you must have a before picture with the date and “VBL 1 Week Shred Challenge” printed on a piece of paper clearly visible, and an after picture with the date and “VBL 1 Week Shred Challenge” clearly visible. You may repeat the 1 Week as many times as you desire before submitting to win. At the end of your Shred Challenge, you will submit your story (including photos/videos) and your SHRED Challenge Transformation/Breakthrough in the VeganBoss Sisterhood Facebook group with the hashtag #EnterToWin.
  •  Then, all Sisterhood members will vote for their favorite submission. The winner will be announced by VeganBossLady-Jocelyn in the VeganBoss Sisterhood Facebook group after voting has been completed.
  •  To keep things fair, Shred Champion can only be won 1 time within a year.
I'm not going to lie.  This program is not for everyone.

It doesn't matter if you've never stepped foot in a gym.  Even if you are new or returning to working out...

You have to be slightly bonkers and a die-hard to make it through this challenge and see results.

You ARE NOT going to succeed on this program if:

~You want to rest after “feeling sore”. This program will hit your muscles hard, and you’ll need to push through. 

~You only want to work out a few days a week. To get truly ripped, this takes 6 days a week - even if it means waking up at 5 am, when it’s still dark out. 

~You want every meal hand-picked for you. Sure, there are sample plans in the program, but this isn’t a prescriptive meal plan with recipes. You’ll be given tools and principles to craft your OWN nutritional needs, which is the most effective way to do it for long-term success.

If any of those made you nervous (“Ahhhh 6 days a week?!”), don’t waste your money.

I mean it.

I’m not here to sell this program for fun - I’m here to serve inner-athletes who are as insanely dedicated and driven as I am. Who WANT to cultivate discipline. Who DREAM of more muscles.

If you ARE ready to put in the hard work, push through soreness and get up early (even when it's  hard)’ll rock this 12-Week Physique Sculpting Challenge!

So, what are you waiting for?

There are a limited number of spots available!
Over the past 20 years, Jocelyn has developed her vegan lifestyle to help woman revitalized their bodies so they can be their best selves. Why is this mission to help women so important? If we don't take care of our bodies, where else are we going to live?
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